Come Lord Jesus

Beyond Halfway


Advent is nearly over; Christmas is near. Followers of Christ anticipate celebrating his three comings–in Bethlehem, upon his eventual return to earth, and in our hearts. We who are older have lived through many Advents and welcomed many Christmas mornings. For me, there is joy at the commemoration of his incarnation, yet also disappointment regarding the latter two of the three comings. I have waited many years for Christ’s return to earth, and find that my heart has not changed much as I had hoped by his presence within me.

I look around and see a world in disarray–terrorists ascendant in the Middle East, disease rampaging through Africa, the environment being ravaged, totalitarianism reigning over millions. In our country, many are mourning the victims of violence, and many are hungry, homeless, or living in fear. Many turn to greed, pride, distraction, or gluttony for relief, but these are empty consolations.


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Stuart Stevenson

Engineer, Minister (CoS). Love God. Love Family. Love Scotland.

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