Christmas Eve-sadness & joy

It’s came round again, Christmas Eve. A time for joy, family-get-togethers and hope. Yet with the tragic event in Glasgow on Monday, the prospects for much joy are sadly diminished. An out of control bin lorry careered into pedestrians and killed 6 leaving 10 injured and many more traumatised. It came a year after the Clutha pub was demolished by a Police helicopter that fell from the sky killing 10 people all in.

One wonders where joy can be found amidst tragedy. Right now people somewhere are starving (even in the UK) and people are ill or dying. Families are torn apart in custody battles and war and conflict are raging in places on our troubled planet.

Yet we see the light offered by a Child born to save all people from a worse fate, a fate that no human tragedy can compare to. Eternity without God is Hell and so many travel that road. Many who celebrate, enjoy holidays and eat the lovely dinners are doing so regardless of their spiritual welfare.

All through this season I have spoken to the people of God of ‘Jesus being the reason for the season’. This is, of course true. But Jesus isn’t just the reason for the season, Jesus is the reason for absolutely everything! For Christians, Jesus is God, Creator, Purpose, Hope, Meaning and everything else besides!

Christians and anyone aspiring to live out the true meaning of Christmas can truly feel the joy of this Religious Festival whilst feeling for the sadly bereaved and broken, even within their own families. The true meaning of Christian joy is made complete when a living relationship is begun, sustained and carried forward to eternity in Christ.

My hope and prayer is that everyone will hear that message. That the greedy and selfish world will no longer be demanding so much from so many who are so caught up in themselves that they fail to see the baby in a manger, as CS Lewis, one of the most famous atheists to become a christian wrote in his Novel The Chronicles of Narnia, ‘The Last Battle’ these very words

…“Yes,” said the Lord Digory, “Its inside is bigger than its outside.”

“Yes,” said Queen Lucy. “In our world too, a stable once had something inside it that was bigger than our whole world.”


Published by

Stuart Stevenson

Engineer, Minister (CoS). Love God. Love Family. Love Scotland.

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